Breaking the distance barrier to find the true love.

What is Ladies Latinas?

We are an International Network Company, dedicated to facilitate communication between couples, decreasing the barrier of language and distance.

We strive to provide our customers and beyond with a broad array of choices in comunication services.
The following provides a short description of our most popular services:


It's the main communication service between the users. It consists, in a letter of no more than 2,000 characters and a limit of 1 picture.

Video Chat

It's a service where communication between the users is in real time, so that they can sustain a more direct and interesting interaction.

Data Exchange

Consist of a process of exchanging information to help the users to keep a more direct communication.

Gift Shop

It's a gift shop that offers, so the user can please and express how important she is for him by sending the gift of his choice.

Translation Services include in their methods of communication the most effectively and quickly Translation Service. You'll be able to enjoy automatic translation in the chat platform, customized translation correspondences and free translation service for other services.